About Zesteen

Over the years I have often been asked my clients what products they should be using on their skin, they have largely been disappointed and let down by the promises of big brands so were looking for something they could use that was natural, good value for money and benefitted their skin.

The market is saturated with products aimed at women and in particular the anti-aging creams and potions, so what about the teens in this country don't they deserve to have a choice in what they put on their skin? I couldn't help but notice in my research that there was a lack of products that were natural and affordable for teenagers, that wasn't patronising or contained chemicals that strip the skin of its natural oils.

In particular I was surprised that there was not too much out there for boys and young men. Most teen skincare products are aimed at girls and as such are packaged to appeal to teenage girls. What about the boys? They have been let down by the big skincare brands so I am attempting to redress that balance!

After many hours of research I determined the only way I could do this was to create a brand of my own especially formulated for young and sensitive teenage skin. Zesteen™ is the result; a naturally kind skincare range with a zesty twist to help keep skin healthy and clear. Both boys and girls will enjoy the fresh and zesty smell to all of the products and know they are looking after their skin at the same time.

I hope you enjoy the Zesteen™ range, have fun!

Tessa x